The City is on FIRE!

The Sox winning the Series is like the apocalypse here in Chicago. A happy apocalypse. The kind where everyone gets into heaven.
The streets are going wild. People screaming, cars honking and honking back at each other. No one will sleep tonight.
This is pure mayhem.
God bless Chicago!



Because I'm living in Chicago and the White Sox are in the World Series, I'm supposed to be interested in sports.
I don't really follow baseball. If it's on and my dad is watching, I'll ask him who's winning and who's sucking. At least I understand the sport, sorta.
Technically, our household is a Cubs household, even though my father was raised by a South Side. Something about the Sox trading my grandpa's favorite player and never forgiving the team, so he switched and started cheering for the Cubs. You would just have to know my grandpa to understand the significance of this trade and his sour disposition on everything. And if you ever expressed interest in the Sox, he would rip into you and tell you that you're wrong and how awful that team was, and you're stupid for liking them. He wasn't a very nice man in the later years of his life.
The city is Sox crazy. Even though where I live is on the North side, people are going CRAZY! On Saturday night, I thought the entire city would explode with excitement because they won their first series game. Flags everywhere, cars honking, people shouting. Ridiculous.
But I don't care. Yeah, the Cubs are the golden team of Chicago, and there's no doubt that the Sox are the ugly South Side stepsister, but nonetheless, the Sox are still the home team. You have to be proud of them, and pray to God that they're smarter than the Cubs and not blow a three game lead.


Down with Wilco

I had class until 10:40 today, so I couldn't order Wilco pre-sale tickets right at 10 like I wanted to. I didn't sign on a computer until a little after 11.
1 hour 15 minutes, probably much, much sooner, all tickets SOLD OUT!
I can't even describe how pissed off I am.

Wilco Tickets

Wilco is playing a benefit concert for the victims of the hurricane on November 1.
I'm going.
Don't care if I have to go alone.
I'm going.


Purple Line

The Purple Line in Chicago is a mysterious beast.
The line used to run through the loop clockwise, regularly. It was beautiful, especially when traveling to DePaul University because there was no circling.
Well this spring, CTA had to make some cuts because there wasn't enough money floating around, so the beloved Purple Line got cut except during rush hours.
It just so happened that yesterday I was downtown during that time and was lucky enough to catch the elusive Purple Line for a ride back home. Only problem was the train was packed! I've never seen the L that full before.
Not only did the sardine can thing freak me out, but earlier in the morning, a Brown Line (or maybe it was Red, I don't remember) jumped off the track. No one was injured, but morning rush hour was hell for many.
Anyway, because the train was so crowded, I stood right next to the doors. Unfortunately, however, there was nothing for me to hold on to. All I could do was push myself against the divider wall. But when the train takes a sharp turn, it don't do jack shit! Consequently, I smashed into a cute little Indian lady not once, but twice! And I mean smash as in smash. I knocked her back several feet, into the crowds of people.
I felt awful and apologized profusely. She said it was ok, but once the train thinned out, she moved away from me, to a safer side.
You can say whatever you like, but I still love the CTA.



I've done a terrible thing, punishable by death in my standards.
I went home for homecoming.
I didn't even realize what I had done until I got ready for bed last night.
Last year at this time, I wrote a piece about how I hated alumns for coming home and telling me how great college life was, and how they were a bunch of losers for doing so. Now, I am among their ranks. I am disgusted with myself. Especially since I verified going to the homecoming game to see the marching band's new field show (which was cool and worth sitting through). I lied to myself! I really wanted to go home and see my old friends, only it turned out that the people I really wanted to see weren't there (but of course, Abby, I love you unconditionally and came to the game just to see you...).

So now that I'm back home in the suburbs, I have to learn how to drive again, and come to terms with my complete and utter boredom here. My entire day today was spent grocery shopping with my brother, and playing with my sister's stupid hamster that escaped from its cage today. We found it.
I don't know what I'm going to do in December when I'm home for the entire month. Maybe I can go through the winter quarter so that I don't have to come home.
No, I wouldn't do that. Family is more important despite the locale.