Neko. Case.

Although she is playing tonight, she also played last night, and i was there, right in front of the stage, snapping pictures of my #1 girl crush. yes...
here are just a few. more to come.



i'm gonna lose weight. i'm not in the spring opera, so every time those thugs are in rehearsal and i'm not, i'm gonna work out/run.
bathing suit season, here i come!!!



is it OK to "friend" my german teacher on facebook?
circle: YES or NO


my girlfriends are all animals.

we're all on spring break, and i had them all over on friday for a fun night of booze, food, and other things.

before they all came over, i went to Devon Ave. and got us some indian yummies, including an old Shah Rukh Khan movie. one of the food items i purchased was a skate-board sized piece of kabul bread. i remember looking at it in the store thinking, wow, this is big. we will probably finish this thing by the end of the night. but at a quarter til 10 pm, all the juice and pop were gone, as was the GIANT loaf of kabul bread. and i know for a FACT!!! that one girl did the MAJORITY of the devouring of the giant kabul bread. i won't name any names...

then we started the bollywood film. mostly all the plots to a bollywood film are familiar, but this one, Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, reminded me ALOT of Rob Reiner's 1985 classic, The Sure Thing. And when I yelled this strange parallelism to my girlfriends (we were shouting at the film all night long, because that's how long it lasted, all night) they all gave me blank stares.

i should probably mention that at this part of the movie, there are no similarities to The Sure Thing. Only the first hour and a half is a rip-off. From then on, it's like any other Bollywood film. she's gonna get married to a man she doesn't know, and SRK is going to save her.
i would also suggest watching this clip. awesome towel maneuvering skills.

so then I wrote to Raymi about it, and how we all love her and she would kick some serious ass if there was a clay-mation battle between her and tony pierce and bunny combined.

even though the girls ate all my food, they were pretty tidy, even if they didn't think so. and, no one took home the left-over liquor, so it's all for me, baby!!!



So far spring break has consisted of going back to the burbs for various reasons, praying not to get the stomach flu, and watching the Maury Show.
Spring Break Rawks!!!



my boyfriend has the stomach flu maybe and i am FREAKING OUT!!! becacuse i am emetophobic.
they make it sound really extreme, but is it really? do i really need to confront my fear of vomiting? would anyone disagree with me that if i don't want to puke and have the ability to stop it, that it's a good thing? kinda?
i hope you get better, sweets!


Fuck St. Patrick's Day

Anyone who is wearing green today is either a suburbanite, frat boy, or ridiculously drunk girl.
It all started this morning...

I had to go home last night for an optometrist appointment this morning. I had to sign some form, and I asked what the date was. The receptionist replied after a pause:
"It's the seventeenth. St. Patrick's Day."
The way she said it, she may as well have added "Dumb-ass" at the end.

In Chicago, it's been St. Paddy's day for well over a week, and I had my fair share of all things Irish and this stupid gig the A Cappella choir had to do last Sunday. Ireland On Parade. It was going to be its own blog entry, but I didn't really have the time or energy to rant about it. It was a joke, to say the least.

Anyway, I took the train back up to Chicago this afternoon, and everyone who got on, even the cute little Indian lady with the video camera was wearing green or a shamrock. Ass-hole losers who I remember seeing in the halls of my high school were there, getting ready for their night on the town. There was a man sitting across from me, and even with my headphones on, I could not help but listen to his inane stories of getting drunk with buddies and getting kicked out of bars. I wanted to hand him an AA card.

The El ride back was worse. People were crammed on the Brown Line, and fumbling around trying to keep their balance because they aren't used to the El's jolting pick-up. Again, they were all wearing GREEN!

I almost lost it though when this creep guy (strangely not wearing any green, but did have some clear plastic shamrock Guinness thing) started inching closer to my seat and struck up a conversation about cameras to the people standing next to me. What he said made no sense, and then he tried to hand out some sheet of paper that promoted relations counseling. After living in the city for almost two years, I've learned now NOT to take flyers from strangers. I can't really describe why I was freaked out about him that made me want to scream. Maybe it was his glazed eyes and slack-jawed smile.
I know!!! He looked like a real life Stuart Smalley!
Yes. That's him alright...

I just don't get the holiday, that's all. I don't mean to shit on anyone's parade day. I don't think there's any Irish heritage in my family, and if there is, it's minuscule. I don't like to get wasted. I don't like March. I don't like mass crowds of people (except if it's Chinese New Year). I like green, but not if frat boys wear it. And there's just one more thing I want to say about St. Patrick's Day: White people look stupid in bright green anything. It's like St. Paddy's day is the day when you can not only get as drunk as you want, but also look as stupid.

Next year, I think I'll take a mini-vaca out of the city to avoid all this madness.



Last night I saw God, and this name was


I thought it was an excellent film.
I think ever since the LOTR trilogy came out, I've been a big fan of epic movies. Give me guts and glory. And 300 delivered.

Dan thought it was better than Sin City, but I would have to slightly disagree. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for that movie. Maybe because I read the comic book beforehand, but failed to do so with 3 Hundo, as Dan and I like to say.

After the movie, we got buffalo wings from Dominics, two kinds of cheese, crackers, ranch dressing (to go with the wings, of course), chocolate, wine, tofu 2 go, carrots, tomatoes, and had ourselves a FEAST!!! to celebrate our accomplishments. Dan got rave reviews on some of his photos, and I passed my petition to major and got a spot in the Grant Park Apprentice Choral.

Who's the Shit?
Di's the Shit!!!

AND it's Spring Break, minus three days because of the opera, but it's going to be a blast!!!


The Merry Widow




...in the chorus...



I want this week to be over.

and i think the hooligans are hiding a meth lab in their apartment. they have sheets and coats covering up their windows.

maybe they're just trying to save on heat, or want some privacy, but having a meth lab, or a gigantic pot plant would be more likely, i think.



i can't take it anymore!!!
i'm supposed to be writing a paper for musicianship, but i can't concentrate to save my life! it's supposed to be a paper on the german lied. it's totally pointless because my prof is just going to look at it, give a few head nods, correct my vocab (because i can't remember proper musical terms to save my life), and give me an A- because our final is next week, and like all of us, i'm sure he's more concerned about that than these stupid papers that have been assigned to us for weeks now, and i have successfully put it off for this long and it's due tomorrow morning. ugh!

i've decided that if i ever become famous enough to have a stage name, i will call myself diana schmetterling.
what's wrong with schmetterling?
that's the punch line to a really nerdy linguist joke.

i just want this week to be over!!!



So, we came, saw, and left BGSU today. Dare I say the trip was actually kind of fun. Definitely a good precursor when all of us go to Wales together.

All the pictures I took were on the bus ride back home, but really, before that we didn't do anything except watch The Fifth Element and Mulan on the bus.

Dr. P did some of his schooling in Miami, OH and really wanted to go to this restaurant Tony Pacos in Toledo. I would like to draw your attention the "plaques" on the walls.

These are hotdog buns (yes, they are real) signed by various celebrities.
This is Brent's M.O.A.D. wiener. On the menu, it said that this would be the biggest hot dog we've ever seen. I think they were right.

Yes! The crown jewel of signed hot dog buns! Billy's!!! I think Reagan and Carter were there too, but I didn't get the chance to look.
Dr. P with Carl behind him saying goodbye to us. Dr. P was trekking up to Ann Arbor with his family as we took the party bus back to Chicago.

It really was quite a fun trip. We sang songs on the bus ride back, and I truly enjoyed myself. Am I a choir nerd? Yeah, but at least I'm a cool choir nerd.

Dr. P told us that someone suggested we sing our Georgian music at the Cultural Center after our concert on Thursday. I hope we do. That would be so much fun, and it would probably get us a little bit of press, which would be awesome!

On one last note:

This drink was made for me. It's DELICIOUS!!! Yeah, they claim that it helps you lose weight and that's a load of shit. But it's fizzy green tea and it is entirely refreshing. And it only has 5 calories. As I said. It was made for me. Thank you Coke and Nestle. Never thought I would be saying that in my life time.


and we're back

i'm going to bowling green this weekend... i don't think i've ever been to Ohio. i've driven through it to go to Falls, PE...Strange, I'll probably never have to go to that place ever again...That's where the now dead great-grandma used to live.
Anyway... i'm going to BG because my a cappella group is going there for another choir convention. we get to sing more georgian songs.

our internet is back up and running. the people on the second floor know we're leeching off of them, but they don't care. so we still have free internet. YES!!!
the semester is starting to end, and everyone/everything is going crazy trying to wrap everything up in these last two weeks of school. shit. i'm screwed for finals, basically. so yeah, if you had plans to visit me because you're on spring break and i am not, the chances of actually seeing me are very slim.

we had our all-things-georgian-choir-concert last night. it was so much fun. university singers sounded alright, but us DePaul A Cappella members rocked the house. i nearly started crying at the end of the night because this was our last time (sorta) singing this music. and carl (our resident "i-know-everything-about-georgain-folk-music") would be leaving us soon, and i just wanted to keep singing these beautiful songs and let the whole world know how great these tunes really are.
i can honestly say that it was an amazing concert. i will get the cd in the next few weeks and try to fashion a way so that you fellow readers can listen to what you missed out on.

This is my adorable (yes, adorable like a doll because she is soooo frickin tiny) friend Elly posing with Carl. Carl is wearing tradition Georgian folk singer apparel. I also happen to think he looks like Frankenstein...but that's another story.

p.s. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, then you clearly didn't read this post!!!