Someone once said...

Someone once said that this blog was good-and-all, but it lacked commentary on my real life. That is very true. This blog was created during an interesting point in my life; I was in my first year of college, busy with school, and severely struggling with my wits after a "fall-out"/disaster with a close friend.

I didn't really have any blogging material. My mind was on school, this "disastrous" relationship, and my new relationship, none of which I could deem as appropriate or entertaining blogging material.

But I would have to say that right now I'm comfortable with my position in life. My first year at school went well, and I'm looking forward to next year. I have a new apartment, and despite a recent spat with my roommate, things are well there. My boyfriend is getting an apartment in the city soon, as well as going to a real college, so he won't have to take METRA all the time.

I do not feel as though I have shed my old life only to find a brighter, shiner, new one. My past will always be with me, for good or for bad. My hometown will always be home, and I always look forward to seeing old friends.


Pedestrian Rage?

It is a well known fact that I do not own a vehicle because of a car accident I had almost a year ago. Yeah, the family got a new Saturn, but I hardly drive it. Besides, it doesn't have a name. My car did have a name. Jonsi. I miss you buddy.

Anyway, since that time, I went to school. Blah blah blah. Even now that it's summer, I still don't drive much because I live in the city. But my point is, that certain antsy-ness and swearing and hexing when I'm driving when a car is going too slow or doing something stupid didn't go away. The same anger is now focused on pedestrians (usually suburbanites or tourists, but not always) doing stupid things.

Por ejemplo: A few days ago, I was walking home and heading towards one of those plywood walls/scaffolding that the city of Chicago likes to put EVERYWHERE!!! when building something new. Well, it's very hard to pass people when walking underneath such a thing, especially when a particular person with a particularly annoying child, big stroller, and wide ass stop in the middle of it to do God knows what.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Not only is your child being a douche, but your wide truck load of a body is in my way. Whatever you are doing at this moment cannot be more important than me getting home to my apartment. Thank-you."

Of course, only when I patted the child on the head to move it out of my way did I think of what to say to the woman. In other words, I didn't say anything at all.