man down

this weekend the choir went to peoria and i saw miss jessi! whoot! it was fun. i felt bad that i couldn't stay any longer, and the majority of our conversation was written on the back of some of my sheet music. but it was still really fun.
updating this week may be non-existent. the people downstairs this time forgot to pay their Comcast bill, so we have no internet (because we steal their wireless).
so...yeah. i have a shit-load of work to get done this week, and i'm not helping myself by wasting my time looking at other people's blogs.
i also watched the Oscars last night when i should have been doing homework. do we see a pattern here? so tonight, i'm forbidding/punishing myself and not watching Heroes. this makes me sad...but it will be a super treat to watch after my MANIC day tomorrow. Get this: 10 am to 11 pm straight, if i go to all my classes. ugh! gross. i'm wondering if it's humanly possible for me to go this long. i'm not sure how i'll eat lunch/dinner. hrmmmm....


crap day

yesterday sucked because throughout all of the opera rehearsal, i just felt like the director was shoveling giant loads of horse shit into my mouth.

because of this, i did my normal anti-stress routine: walk to the lake.

if any of you have not seen lake michigan at this time of year, it's absolutely gorgeous. giant disks of ice float on the surface in the more shallow water. they look like crystal lily pads that breath with the waves. i was amazed, but it didn't make me feel much better.

this on the other hand does.

Alex and I have been singing the song forever, but now that we know there's a video... well that just makes things SUPER!!!


The apartment has a mutual friend Evan. He has come over practically every evening this week to hang out and do stuff that we shouldn't do on week nights. Normally, when he comes over I am incapable of getting my work done. But this week, I was somewhat able to escape his powers of gay hilarity and get most of my stuff done.
You should be proud of me because I am proud of myself.

Evan is great though. I love him. I felt like I went to high school with him, but we certainly did not. He's from hoighty-toighty Park Ridge (all you speechers should be quite familiar with his high school Maine-South!) Tonight he read my Tarot cards. I love getting readings. I've only done it twice, but it's such fun, serious bull-shit. I have learned, though, to only ask questions that I already know the answer to, or ask something that's not of real importance. That way, you don't totes froke. Totally Freaking Out.

Totes Froke. I don't really like that term, but for some reason, I'm trying to incorporate it into my lexicon. My friend, Libet from Cincinnati whose sister is on "You're the One that I Want" American Idol-esque talent search television programming on NBC Sunday nights, says it often. Although I do not want to associate myself with anything that is distinctly Cinci, the expression intrigues me.

And to all you teenagers in the world who are angst-y at this moment, settle down. It gets much better, I promise. I think junior high and high school were created for the sole purpose to drive us crazy. When you get out of that mess, things get better. The world is still crazy, and maybe life makes you Totes Froke, but at least you can pick and choose the people you want to talk to and associate with. Maybe it doesn't make sense right now, but it will. E-mail me if you need hope. I'll give it willingly.

Remember: In order to be loved, one must be loving.



I don't think I can adequately express my disgust for the three hooligans living on the first floor of my apartment.

They are three boys, all around my age, I believe. They smoke like chimneys, especially when they have their nasty-ass friends over. These said nasty-ass friends puked all over our front steps Sunday night. I didn't see the mess until Monday night, and by that time, it was frozen puke. Delicious! They also left a rickety ladder on our back porch. Yeah, OUR back porch. 20 feet above their own porch. But some people just have to go up on to the roof in the middle of the night, piss drunk, on the coldest night of the year and see the stars, then leave the ladder on our porch for FOUR days. I left them a little note expressing my feelings. They wrote back. It didn't say much. It didn't make me feel better about them. And the people on the second floor still called the cops on them last night after starting a party at 11:30 on a Wednesday.

I swear to God, these kids don't go to school anymore. A month ago, they had a party, starting at 1 in the a.m. on a MONDAY night. I must have been asleep or not in the apartment when this happened. That time, my own roommate called the cops.

Needless to say, the hooligans have got to go. And next time one of their friends pukes on our steps, I'll do what my dad suggested. "Clean up the vomit quietly with a rag and a bucket of warm water, and then when you're finished, throw the dirty water on their front window."

Will do, Pops!

P.S. LOST was not that satisfying last night. I swear to God, if I see one more Kate, Sawyer, Jack episode, I will flip out. How many times must I say it? This story line is not that interesting! There needs to be more Sayid, Locke, and ass-kicking. Everyone who watches the show agrees with me on this.


This is the maestro for the opera...except not. I happen to think the maestro looks and sounds like David Sedaris.

That's all I can say about him.

Now I'm watching LOST, and all I can say about that is it better kick ass, or I will be one dissatisfied customer. I'll start singing the praises of Heroes.

The one bad thing I can say about Heroes is that there's this black guy on the show, and he's a Haitian. Everyone on the show calls him "the Haitian." This would be totally cool with me, except that most people on the show who've seen him, only see him. He doesn't talk. That's his "thing." So, in the real world, they would just be calling him the creepy black dude that never says anything, but of course, that's politically incorrect.


Second time around

Crap! I am sick again! This time it's just a head cold, but I swear to God, if this cold bug were a real person I would kill it. Probably bludgeon it with a hammer. That sounds adequate.

In other news, my parents bought a Mac computer. Quite frankly, I'm slightly disappointed in their decision making. I'm a PC user, even though my computer is a piece of crap. Every time I download an episode of Heroes (yeah, I'm super hooked) off of iTunes, my computer freaks out when it's time to finalize the download.

Oh yeah, and it's really cold outside. Anyone notice?

And the Super Bowl...or Ueber Schuesell...Yeah, I don't care about that really. I was going to watch it with the kids on the second floor, but they're jack-asses and didn't pay their gas bill for 6 months, so the gas company finally turned their heat off, and they can't get it turned back on until Wednesday. There's no way I'm going to freeze my ass off there for a few hours, even if they do have cable and a bigger TV than we do. To me, heat is more important, which is the very reason why we never got cable.