Happy Birthday ya Bastard

There was a FIBS celebration last night. It was part birthday party for Ike and his lady Nia, and unofficially post-FIBS-reunion-rehearsal-fuck-yea-we-did-it-let's-get-the-band-back-together party. Lucky for me, the party was held upstairs from my apartment, so Dan and I went in our comfy clothes. Oh yeah!
I'm writing about this small party because I actually enjoyed myself.  Before I moved in with Dan, I had to clean up the result of five dudes and a messy cat living in one giant room. It took a long time and a lot of hard work from me, Dan, my mom, and everyone else who helped to get this loft apartment back into liveable conditions.
So much cleaning to do
This photo is actually towards the end of the cleaning process.
Admittedly, it's taken me a long time to warm up to Dan's friends, and I would normally feel like a huge awkward classical-music-nerd among them. But last night, I finally felt assimilated. I didn't need Dan by my side all night because I know these people. They know me. And that brings me a profound comfort. It helps that more of the posse have girlfriends now. Brandon brought his lady-friend Heather, who's from out of town, and that was really sweet. I should have taken pictures. Oh well, next time.
To sum up the party, I list my favorite keywords/phrases in chronological order:
  • Old Fashions
  • Night Riding to 7/11
  • Broker's 7 hour chicken pot pie
  • Gorilla Dick
  • "Michael Jackson is perfect!"
  • "Fuck yes" Whole Foods chocolate ganash cake (beautiful!)
  • Sloppy Mess
  • Dan's Flash Dance sweatshirt