Last wish

I know the Make a Wish Foundation is for kids, but if I'm ever terminally ill and have one last wish, I seriously want to see SRK.

I will put this in my living will.

PS. I need someone to be a witness to sign my living will. Any volunteers?



I have the voice of a small Irish man yelling in my head, and I am terrified.

No, I'm not schizophrenic. The small Irish man is the Maestro for Grant Park Chorus. He uses terms like "crotchets" (quarter notes) "minims" (eighth notes) and "semidemihemiquavers." (actually, I'm not sure if that's a correct term) The tip of his index finger on his right hand is missing, and I have never met a man more intimidating than he. I literally have anxiety attacks before going to rehearsals. It doesn't help that I have finals and juries on top of everything else. Poor Dan. I barked at him for doing nothing, only because I was so stressed out, and I will feel like this until Monday.

Deep breath. Take a bath. (Advice from my voice teacher.) I can't wait 'til Mikey, the new kitty, gets here. We purposefully put off his arrival until this craziness settles down.

PS. I've been thinking about turning this blog around a little bit and limiting my posts to music based topics. That's pretty much what I do already because I'm living, breathing, and pissing music. Though, not as much as I could be. Any thoughts? Someday, when I'm rich maybe I'll get my own domain and have beautiful pictures of my masterful performances at the Met. HA!!!


a good one

my mom picked up for me this really old hymnal copyright 1917. originally, i asked her to look for something with shape notes in it. this hymnal has no shape notes, unfortunately, but it does have some treasures.

No. 312 "The Walls of Jericho" The chorus speaks for itself.

"Old whiskey's walls have got to go/Just like the walls of Jericho!/The rummies won't know where they're at;/Their walls must tumble down, down flat."

Or the next hymn, "A Thousand Years of Prohibition": "A thousand years of prohibition,/Lift up your eyes, behold the dawn!/The nations hope shall find fruition,/When from our land the curse has gone."

I find that this really puts a perspective to everything, especially after watching Jesus Camp. These Evangelicals have a real history of fucking shit up in this country, at least prohibition was repealed. They are gaining strength again, and I'm half considering dropping this music business and work to protect this nation's right to drink, have abortions, not go to church, think freely, be gay, and believe in EVOLUTION!!!

What pissed me off most about Jesus Camp was the lack of scriptures from the Evangelical party. They may as well have been making half that shit up. And the brainwash on those poor, poor kids. THEY'RE GOING DOWN!!!

silent night

all is quiet in the chicago residence. i think my roommates know that they inadvertently spoiled a very big evening for me.

my old voice teacher is in town, visiting from albuquerque. tonight, we were supposed to see a show of one of her old students in palatine, il. you may snicker at the fact that i was to see a community theatre production of pirates of penzance in palatine, but it was important to me. i haven't seen this very important woman in a year. now that she lives in new mexico, chances of me seeing her again soon are unlikey.

so how did this all come about? i won't name names, because it doesn't really matter. when the planning of going to palatine all came about, i had to do some creative thinking because i have church in the morning, and could not go back to the suburbs where the rest of the party was headed after the performance. so, at the beginning of this week, i asked roommate A to borrow their car for the night to get myself there and back, and i got the ok-go. last night, roommate B borrowed the car to go to a party, came back all in one piece. this morning, i was told that the car was dead because roommate B failed to turn off the headlights last night. roommate A jumped the car, but deemed it too unreliable for me to drive tonight.

"sorry di."

so, while they go out tonight and have fun. i am at home, sulking, wondering what i should do to my roommates for pay-back.