Irresponsible? Probably

Well, my camera is broken, and now my iPod has joined the ranks of broke-dom...
I'm not sure what to do. I believe it's still under its year warranty, but ALL MY MUSIC IS GONE!!!
Obviously, I'm panicking a wee bit.

In other news:
Jesse Jackson spoke at DePaul. I caught the end of it, but I'll be honest, I was a little turned off. He had everyone repeat his words, but I was told that that's just "his thing." You GO poor people!

I hate my English teacher. She wastes our class time by making us do elementary English assignments, but that might just be the fact that many of the people in my class can't write for beans. I had a meeting with her today to discuss my writings...worthless. At least she said that I could communicate clearly. Thank-you Mrs. Page.

This week is mid-terms. I'm crying inside.


Weird dreams

I've been having the strangest dreams these past two nights.
The most disturbing dream occurred two nights ago. It started out with me sleeping in my bed in my dorm, and my roommate with her boyfriend in her bed on the other side of the room. Her boyfriend had to get up and leave so he started putting his clothes, only to realize he had no clean underwear. This is where things get a little fuzzy. I'm not sure if he saw a pair of my panties and decided to wear them, or if I offered them to him. No matter. He started to put them on. Now, Ashley's boyfriend is a bigger guy. He couldn't easily fit into my underwear, but in the dream, he managed to squeeze them on, and continued to taunt me. "Hey, Diana. Look, there's a crotch in your panties. How do you feel about that?"
I couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying in the dream, but I was in hysterics.


My baby is in the shop

Last week, I broke my camera. It was in my backpack along with a water bottle. Later, I discovered that my bag was wet as well as my camera.
Fortunately, my mother had the smarts to buy an extended warranty, so I can get it fixed free of charge.
Well, it'll be shipped to the manufacturers tomorrow, but it'll take 4-6 weeks. That's 4-6 weeks without a camera! 4-6 weeks without new buzznet pictures! OH NO! WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT BUZZNET?
My little camera needs lots of prayers, guys. I want it back as soon as possible, but without your help, I feel as though I'll never get it back.


So much to cover!

Tyler and I met online about a year ago. He started reading my blog, and I checked his out. Then suddenly we started an e-mail correspondence that continues to this day!
He just recently moved to Chicago and we finally met up.
He met me at the "L" stop closest to him. I'd seen pictures of him before, so I knew what he looked like, but had no idea what he would sound like, which is actually what I was concerned most about, for some reason. He has a nice mellow voice. I was glad.
I wouldn't say that things were awkward between us, but things were a little quiet, but things only got better as the evening went on.
We went to a coffee place near his apartment in Andersonville. Nice place, nice atmosphere. More talking, more getting to know a person I already knew.
There will certainly be more meetings for Ty and I. Alex and I are going to take him to H&M soon and help him get some new clothes for job interviews.
Hooray for meeting people!



Ryan Barrows died today. I don't think many people in my circle know him, but he was a good kid, and certainly didn't deserve to die of cancer this morning at the age of 21.
I knew Ryan through youth group. He was kinda weird, I won't lie, but he was charming. The only way I knew how to describe him to people was that he worked at our local movie theatre forever.
We went on a missions trip together and I met his dad.
His older brother committed suicide about a year ago.
Ryan was diagnosed with cancer last year. I want to say it was a type of bone cancer. The doctors wiped out his immune system and he was in isolation for several months.
Did I mention he was 21?


Paulina's Pinch

Yesterday, my sweet-mate Paulina confessed that she had a mega-crush on a waiter that works at a local pizza joint.
"I think he's anywhere between 25-28 years old. Do you think that's too old? He's really cute though. He's tall and skinny with thick, black glasses. Dark curly hair on top, but not like a Jew-fro. AND he always wears the same white t-shirt, jeans, and red converse. I really want to slip him my digits. What do you think?"
I told her to go for it. Be fearless. Bait the trap then watch him bite.
So we designated tonight as the night when Paulina gives this man her number. I told her that no matter what happened, she was going to follow through.
We brought a posse to support Paulina on her mission.
He was pretty cute, I must admit. Skinny and tall like Morrissey, but nerdy like Elvis Costello. The red converse definitely sold me.
We ordered dinner and ate it casually, occasionally sneaking glances at him. Talking about him. Giggling. Eating. I kept telling Paulina to go up to the counter and give him her number when no customers were around, but she hemmed and hawed.
"I don't think I can do it, you guys. What should I do or say? I don't know..."
"Goddamit, Paulina. You are giving him that number or I will!"
The plan was that we were going to pack up, and then on the way out, she would go up to the counter and pass the note. But then pizza-man disappeared. He resurfaced wearing a trench coat. We all started to freak out. "Paulina, it's your last chance. Do it now!"
"No, I can't do it. I can't."
He went out the door.
"Dammit Paulina. Fine. I'll do it for you."
I grabbed the number from her and ran towards the door, but at this point he had already crossed the street. One of Paulina's friend was behind me and told me to go. And I did. I ran across the street to catch him.
"Hey. Wait! Wait up!"
He turned around and I gave him the napkin with her number.
"Ummm...My friend in there thinks that you're cute, and she wants to give you her number, but she was too chicken to do it."
"Oh really? Well, I probably noticed her. Where was she sitting?"
"At the long table, closest to the counter. She's the cute one with short, straight brown hair."
"What's her name?"
"Oh yeah, Paulina. I remember her because she goes to DePaul, right?"
"Ok, well is she going to be home later tonight? Maybe I'll give her a call. Tell her my name is Barry."

The things I do for my friends.
Actually, it wasn't a big deal. I no longer fear the opposite sex, plus this was a person I didn't even know. I didn't care. If I weren't already involved, I might have given him my own digits.
Now, we wait.
Hopefully, I'll have more updates. Now that I'm a part of this, I want to see this thing through.

How about those UTI's?

Last night, I pissed and there was blood.
That's not normal.
I had to wait until this morning to receive medical care, so at 10:15 (as instructed) I was at the medical center ready to fill out paper work and pray to God I get an appointment.
To my surprise, there was only one girl in front of me... a girl I knew. We were both in the Discover Chicago class together. I never talked to her much, mostly because she had designated someone as her best friend in the class. Plus, we're not exactly compatible. She's from Wisconsin, plus she's tall, blonde, trendy, and a business major.
We got to talking after filling out all the forms. As we're talking, I'm trying to figure out her symptoms. She didn't have a scratchy voice, or visible bleeding. She wasn't hunched over in pain...
My God. She was there for the exact same reason I was!
My guess wasn't confirmed until I gave one of the nurses my urine sample. There was the exact same cup filled with pee with her name on it. She also saw me turn in my pee.
"I had to do that too," she said.
"Yep. How about those UTI's?" I said.
She rolled her eyes and sighed. She knew EXACTLY what I was talking about.
I'm still giggling because I saw someone else's pee.


The same beginning

Yesterday was the first day of class at DePaul, and I was happy to be back home.
My classes are mostly the same, but now instead of Discover Chicago: Music Scene, I have a comp. and rhetoric class.
I want to tell a quick funny tangent about this English class. I've never been in a class with so many people with ESL (English as a Second Language) or unique first and last names. My favorite name is a girl with the name of Skysta. That's probably not how she spells it, but that's how she pronounces it. Sky-Sta. I want that to be my name. That's a sweet name.
I'm concerned about the amount of homework I'll get this quarter, especially with this English class. I'll get it all done, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of time I spend dickin' around with my husband.
Oh wait. That's a good thing, especially since yesterday was a reenactment of every other day we've spent at DePaul.
My husband and I, plus two other vocal students (Meatloaf and Ptaaaak!)went to our favorite Thai restaurant and then rented Wedding Crashers.
Same as it ever was.
Wedding Crashers was a funny movie, and I know at one point, all of us were laughing hysterically at something, but whether that was the movie or something Ptaaak! did, I'm not sure.
Then of course my roommate's boyfriend came over and I listened to loud music on my iPod while they made out on her bed. But that's fine because I didn't wake her up this morning until 15 minutes before class started. Oops...
So we're all back in the swing of things. I just hope that this time around, I'll do more work than play.

The thing I was laughing hysterically about didn't happen while watching Wedding Crashers. It happened in my room. Ashley's boyfriend saw a box of truffles that he had given her. One truffle was left. He takes the chocolate, turns to me, and says, "I gave her this box of four truffles several months ago and there's still one here. I force fed her two of them to her."
Let's just say that the delicious Godiva chocolate truffle was fed to her like a dog taking its medicine. Shove the pill down his throat, then rub his neck to make him swallow.
I nearly died, the spectacle was so funny.