Hats are an unappreciated accessory

As a young female, I'm obsessed with fashion and vintage. I'm super cheap when it comes to buying clothes, but if it's the right piece, if it I think it compliments my identity, it's gotta be mine.
I just stumbled upon Oh!Nena via PSFK all thanks to the new Google Reader explore tab. AND I WANT ONE OF THOSE HATS NOW!!! (not necessarily the one pictured though) Hats/hair pieces are sort of a forgotten lady's accessory. You'll never grow out of them, and they typically keep in your closet forever. Hats are bold and fun. I loooove wearing conversation pieces, which is one of the reasons I adore Lady Gaga, but that's another discussion...
Admittedly, I subscribe to the American Apparell wearing hipster club, and I've faithfully read this one's blog for a couple years now, so I think I know what cool is. But I can't help myself. I am an impressionable young women, and I'll wear whatever for as long as I can get away with it. I've made some progress. I've retired this for this. (Haven't taken a look at the old Buzznet in a looooong time!)
In short, if you're reading this, get me a Venezuelan Oh!Nena hat.


A welcome back?

I haven't written on my silly little blog in ages. When I go back to read old posts, I blush a little and think how juvenile. But now, I don't have much to do. So why not write some silly little posts while I'm on my couch with my cat Mikey sitting next to me and licking himself?
Just recently, I've done some interesting traveling, graduated college, and moved in with my boyfriend and our cat. It's been a big year for me. But like every post-graduate of this era, I have a lot left to figure out.

I think I'll start this new age of posts with a meditation on the neighborhood I now live in.

In September, I made the big move to my boyfriend's apartment in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Chicago.  I love it here. I like the apartment, the community, the art, the FOOD!
My dad won't step foot in my apartment because he thinks the neighborhood is too dangerous. There are gangs here unfortunately. My block has the Party People and all their emblems. But recently, the cops have cracked down and raided some places. I'm oblivious to these raids because I always end up hearing about them from my boyfriend or neighbors. I'm glad security is getting tight, but what I really want is someone to clean up the broken Modelo bottles on our front stoop. And as tough as these Party People try to be, they're just kids. Kids with guns. But kids nonetheless. They are scary, for sure. Especially the dude I see with the gang emblem below his right eye, but they stay out of our business, and I sure as hell don't go messing with theirs.
I make my neighborhood sound like the hood. But it's not. Honestly. I love that on every corner there is a small grocer, or an eloteria. My neighborhood super market is two blocks away. Chinatown, Little Italy, and Bridgeport are the next neighborhoods over. I ride my bike everywhere, but there are buses that can take me anywhere when it gets too cold. Little art galleries are marked with circular black signs, or the orange and blue PodMajersky rectangles. But there are signs of white invasion everywhere. Everyday I see fresh businesses pop up and more young white people walking down the sidewalk. Everyone knows that my neighborhood is the new hipster hotspot, and in the next 5-10 years have unaffordable housing for poor artists like me and the Mexican families I live around. The gangs will be pushed further south or west, and that is just how Chicago does things. At least we won't have the Olympics to deal with!
Living the American Dream