Stole it!

I stole this one from Raymi, but I kinda think all good things are stolen from her.

Watch Alex and me dance like fools!


Mamma's got a brand-new job

I heart my new job. Tonight was my first night. What I do is call perspective voice students that are considering DePaul. I have a little script (one for each possible scenario ex: answering machine) that gets me started. It wears my voice out a little and I have a TON of singers to call, but I know that I'll never get tired of the job.

Already, I had two interesting phone calls. The first was a mom with a British accent, and when I asked for her daughter, she proclaims loudly, "She's already in college! We keep getting calls and letters from schools. She's 17 but she goes to blah blah blah college. See, she went to school in England and then when we got here, we bumped her up some grades..."
Even when I was 17, I don't think I was prepared to study voice at the college level...
Well, good for her, I guess.

The most bizarre call of the night goes to some girl in New Jersey. Her father answered answered the phone with the TV blaring in the background. It takes him at least a minute to get his daughter to pick up the phone, long enough for me to hear what was on the television.
"Get on the Ground....Cuff yourself....Get the DRUGS!!!....You killed my brother!"
Man, what ever he was watching sounded intense...No wonder why his daughter sounded clueless. She was the only one less than enthused to talk to me. I hope she goes to community college.


Psst...Listen! The Heavens are telling!

They sure don't write 'em like they used to...


Although, this comes close...


Click on "A Boy and a Girl," on the left-hand-side marquee and turn off that STUPID rain effect underneath it. It doesn't play the song in its entirity, but check out his MySpace (I CANNOT believe Eric Whitacre has a MySpace!!!) page and you can. Eric Whitacre...
Both sites are pretty cool. And may I add that the gentleman is quite a handsome fellow...


Weekend Update

Holy CRAP!!!
Senator Obama said he MAY run for el presidente!!! in 2008!!! That makes my day! I would much rather have him in office than Hillary or Kerry.

Quick Weekend Update:

Friday- Went back to the suburbs for a total of 2 hours because SOMEONE just had to get yet another bladder infection and go to the doctor to get an antibiotic perscription. I hadn't had one in a couple months, and I got excited thinking that they would be a thing of the past. But I was very wrong. Boo!

Saturday- Latino Concert at St. James Cathedral. Got there at two, waited around till three to do a quick acoustic check, waited around another two hours, sang our set, then premiered "Cantico" by Gustavo Leone from Columbia college.
After the concert, our choir director treated us to Emilio's Tapas to continue the Hispanic theme of the evening. I probably ate the equivalent of a small child and racked up a tab well into the smaller 100's. Granted, there were about 14 of us.

Sunday- Went to Chinese church with Dan to make sure his Nai Nai and Yei yei (grandma and grandpa) were ok. He had two disturbing dreams about their well-being the previous night, and I agreed to come with him to the suburbs to go to church and check up on them. They made me sing (fortunately NOT in Cantonese) a hymn, which was fine. In return, I scored major points with the relatives AND Nai Nai made us a boat-load of pork and leek dumplings. HEAVEN....

Upcoming Events:

I have a choir concert this week. It's Thursday evening. If you're interested let me know and I'll tell you when and where. No worries, it's free. They're always free. And no, I do not have a solo. Good music though.

And for something completely different:

Dan's band, The FIBS, has a Myspace website. If you're into that kind of thing (MySpace, I mean), then check them out at www.myspace.com/fibsmusic. I know I'm the girlfriend and shouldn't be saying things like this, but don't listen to "Sid."


I know that some of my readers have some pretty shitty home-lives right now, and I want you to know that if you ever want to talk or need a place to go to, I'm sincerely here for you. I can't give much advice, but I'll listen. And in extreme circumstances, I'll loan out my couch.


Something to write about

Finally, I have something to write about.

But before I write anything, I will not tolerate any comments that try to boost my self esteem. Such as: Oh, but Di, don't get down on yourself. You're the greatest singer in the world.

The past two weeks...well, really this entire summer, I've been disappointed in my singing performances. My technique was sloppy, I knew I was doing something wrong because it hurt, and singing at the catholic church (which was only temporary btw. Once the girl came back, I got the boot, which was kinda contrary to what the music director was saying...) only hurt my ego more. My sight reading is OK despite what everyone thinks, and my first voice lesson back at school was more like a kick in the stomach than a new start to the school year.

Midterms have passed and I'm feeling better about things. My lessons are going more smoothly, and I'm singing literature I actually like (no more of this Renaissance, early Baroque crap!), but none of that got me a role in the Winter production of the Merry Widow. I will never get used to rejection, don't let people tell you otherwise. It hurts every time. The worst part is that the two other girls my age who study with the same teacher as I do got parts. One even got a major role and she's not even a performance major!

Yeah, I'm jealous of them, but they're my best girlfriends at DePaul, so I hold no silly grudges against them. They're going to be great.

But where does that leave me?

Stuck. Stuck singing my precious Bach and Handel arias with some smatterings of cutesy Schubert and Wolf lieder. And this is my voice. My voice can sing those arias with ease. But the great dramatic coloratura literature which I'm convinced that I can sing and impress people with and have done many times before, is apparently beyond my grasp. And because of this, I feel betrayed.

I cannot change my voice. It's a part of me. It's my personality and my body. My brain thinks/wants to do all the famous arias that people like, but my voice isn't ready for that. Maybe someday, I can. But someday is too far away, especially when I want to be on stage now. Waiting sucks, especially when your peers fly past you. It really hurts the ego.