Hindi grlz dig Hip-Hop PLUS Grandparents do the Darndest things!

For the past three weekends, I have found myself going home, but not because I'm homesick. 2 weeks ago, there was a family crisis and I wanted to be there. Last week was Mother's Day, and this weekend was my best Indian friend's belated birthday party.

I am no stranger to being the only white girl at a party because of my dearest friend, but I enjoy it immensely despite extreme awkwardness. Usually, I say the words for them. "Silly white girl don't know nothin." Which is 100% true, and that's why at Indian social events, I take a step back, watch my friend do her chit-chatting, and observe everyone else. Occasionally, I'll pique someone's interest and they'll ask me a few questions. If I'm with my friend's family, they always ask about my singing or dancing. The things that stick in peoples' heads...

But this desi party was different. None of my friend's family was present. All the attendees (most of which arrived 2 1/2 hours late) were newly made college friends. So all the girls were young and spoke English to each other and not just out of politeness for me. These girls loved to put their hair down, and quite literally. Most of them wore hijabs (the scarf that Muslim women wear to cover their hair and neck) and for many of the girls, it was their first time seeing each other's hair.

What I found most interesting, though, was their music selection. I have come to realize that my friend's love of Bollywood music is not shared with the rest of her demograph. Everyone wanted to listen to hip-hop. I kid you not! Sean Paul seemed to be the favorite with his hit single "Temperature." Not only did they love listening to this music, but in true desi fashion, they loved dancing to it too. By far, the most impressive dancer was an eighth grader from Lombard who could do everything from the worm to sultry hip checks straight from a Shakira music video. I probably got along with her best out of all the girls. Unfortunately, I can't remember her name. But that's not surprising considering I can't remember anyone's name at Indian gatherings.

When my parents found out that I was going to this party, they told me I couldn't take the train back to Chi-town, which I didn't fuss about too much because Adams and Jackson street get uber-creepy and quiet after dark and they are the only streets to get to the nearest El station.
So last night I slept in my own bed. Yay! And this morning, I went to church with Xingmao and his family, followed by a delicious Cantonese feast. Things would have been perfect if Grandpa Wat hadn't thrown up at the table several times and insisted that he was fine. He's ninety, maybe older, and his swallowing mechanism wasn't working properly (or so the family told me).
Oh man did that freak me out.

Because Xingmao subjected me to his family, I decided I wanted to visit my grandparents who were not too far away. Again, the experience would have been really nice if grandpa hadn't hit Xingmao's car! Fortunately, my grandpa hits cars all the time and is well accustomed to shelling out the dough to fix the damage.

It's been an interesting weekend.


Screw TGIF!

I hate Fridays, especially this Friday and the Fridays to come.

Fridays are now my busiest day of the week. From 8:30 am-5:30 pm I am at school with less than half an hour to eat lunch.

Do I want sympathy? Hell Yes! No one else has this schedule but me, and I don't think it's fair.

Actually, I've gotten used to it, except for one thing: I spend all my time and energy at school on Friday, and then Friday night I have nothing to do because I am too tired to answer the phone when a friend.

I don't want to be the grumpy old lady on a Friday night, yet I choose to be. Where's the sense in that? I don't know.

All of these emotions are actually brought on by the fact that according to Stanislavski, I am not an artist and never will be even if I can sing pretty and try really hard. Thus, I am depressed and grumpy and have a hatred for Jason Mraz, Twista, and Kill Hannah whose music is blaring on the quad right now thanks to the DePaul Activity board and something they like to call Fest.

I need to get out of here.


big breath

Well...I'm a big girl now. I just signed my first lease for an apartment.
I move in July 1. So it's a little later than I had originally planned. But that's ok. Things are going to be awesome. Basically, we're living in a complex filled musicians, namely singers. Haha. It's going to be an interesting year. But I'm soooo excited. Everything is finally happening and falling into place. Just so you know, Alex and (hopefully) Paulina and I will have the best apartment in the world. During breaks, we're going to have you all over. Sweet...

Compliments to hubby Alex
Oh yeah, forgot to mention this. Paulina is my sweet mate suite mate in my current dorm. She's pretty much one of the coolest people I've met since I've been here. Not a music kid, but still really cool because she's undeclared and pretty much likes all the bands I like. Actually, she went with Alex and I to the Sigur Ros concert last night, which was pretty amazing. I'll have to write about that tomorrow because there's a lot to write on that subject as well.


Pretty Girls Make Metro Bouncer Mad

Sad story.

On Friday, the boy and I went to the Metro to see Pretty Girls Make Graves. He really likes them, and I think they're decent, although I don't know their music all too well.

Long story short: We got kicked out before the show even started because a bitchy, pretty boy bouncer saw me take a few sips from Dan's beer with no pretty green wristband on. No different from any other time I've been to a concert. We weren't making a scene or being out of control. Honest to God I only had a few sips. But, the bouncer wasn't budging or making any deals. I offered to leave and go home so Dan could stay and enjoy the show (mostly because it didn't mean that much to me anyway), but he refused, and we walked home in silence.

What happened to the good old days of the Metro? When people could drink and smoke and have a good time listening to good music? Sigh...

To make myself feel better for getting us kicked out, I decided that whoever this pathetic, must-stick-to-all-the-rules bouncer was just dumped by his girlfriend and in order to make himself feel important again, he picked on a cute girl who looked similar to his ex.

Well bouncer, I hope you do feel better for picking on a little girl like me who would never do anyone harm unlike a big black man on crack who would no doubt kick the bejesus out of you if you ever tried to kick him out. Way to go, man!