Mission Accomplished

I completed my first year of college.

I can't decide if the year went by quickly, or dreadfully slow.

No. I know what it was. The year went by in an instant, but once people started coming home from their first year of college, I wanted to see them, but couldn't because I was busy or didn't have time to come home and see friends. No one came to visit me either...

But now...Now that it's all said and done with for good until September and all my stuff is out of my dorm and in my family's mini-van, I still can't come home because I was foolish and decided to do a singing gig tomorrow and Sunday. Actually, the Sunday gig is my job now. I sing at St. Josaphat's parish in Lincoln Park. It's kinda weird because it's Catholic and I clearly am NOT, and I just read the Da Vinci code and all I can think when the padre talks is LIAR LIAR Robes on fire!

My room reminds me of a padded cell, it's so empty.

All my college friends are gone. Husband is working. Computer gone (I'm typing this at the Student Center), music gone, books gone, dvds gone, camera gone. I had to pack light because they're kicking everyone out of the dorms tomorrow at noon, and I'll be stuck living on the streets with only a duffel bag...Ok, clearly you all know I do have a place to stay, but I definitely feel like a vagrant, especially with only a squish pillow and bedsheet to sleep with tonight.

And yet, though everything and everyone are gone, I would rather be by myself. My roommate is still around and I know she probably wants me to hang out with her tonight because it's our last night living together...but...well, tonight just seems like a solemn, windy night. A perfect night for flying.



I had a less than pleasant dream the other night. I don't ever want to walk home by myself again.

It was dark outside, and I was walking through the quad by myself. There's a particular corner that I have to round in order to get to my dorm. This corner scares the living daylights out of me because there are big trees and bushes that someone could easily hide in, and you wouldn't know they were there until they pounce on you. Well, no one was in the bushes, but there was some shady looking guy on a bike around that same corner. He startled me, but what scared me more were his words.

"Victim. You're gonna be a victim."

Then he pulled out his gun.

At this point, I was on my knees. I knew that if I didn't do as he said, I would be killed. He told me to stand up. But I didn't stand because he was going to do something terrible to me if I did. I chose my dignity over my life.

"Have it your way."

He pointed the gun at my head and everything went white.